Team sadza clelebrates Africa day

Well today is Africa Day while some are celebrating in drunken stupor, i waited for this day to specifically celebrate team Sadza. Team Sadza revolution began on twitter in 2011, our war cry ” This is Sadzaaaaaa!” (like in the movie 300 ‘ this is sparta!!’) and i am the high esteemed president! Sadza is the essence of the Zimbabwean pride, our Kilimanjaro, our Kunta Kinte.

While most Zimboz love to have Sadza as supper us as team Sadza we believe that Sadza should monopolize breakfast, dinner and supper….on a good day also as a mid-night snack. I ventured in the Sadza revolution on twitter with ‘ 50 Shades of Sadza’ . This was the imminent count down of different types of Sadza from number 50 down to number 1. After a sketchy but rather shady research it came to conclusion that Sadza and Pork bones was the winner. We had several competitors such as Sadza and Madora, Sadza and Matumbu which were following closely in the top three. On number 50 we had the infamous Sadza and salt-water.

Raging Barbie conquering a plate of Sadza and Mabonzo

2011 I carried proudly my twitter name ‘twerk for Sadza’ which got the attention of many Sadza lovers. Sadza has made me what i am today and my grandmother always said ‘ idya sadza muzukuru kuti uite magaro’. Until now i still believe i got my booty from Sadza. According to team Sadza, the word Sadza is written with a capital ‘S’ As a sign of respect.It is one of the few surviving cultures in Zimbabwe, and we shall preserve it for the next generations to come.

A little known fact is that this was the meal eaten by Usain Bolt before he set a world record, as well as that eaten by Tom “The Pace” Mills before becoming the unofficial fastest man in the world.
Respect Sadza, good for hang over and good for base.We are team Sadza, and ain nobody too sala for it. If u wanna join the twitter revolution of Sadza just hash tag team sadza. Keep it real. Eat your sadza.

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