To the married women


OK… I apologize ahead of time cuz this is gonna be a long ass rant…I am pissed to the point that I could punch some bitches till
their teeth fall out
Ladies, how the fuck do you think withholding sex will keep your man faithful? And why do you think he should stay faithful to a woman who refuses to give it up? I’m not talking about doing freaky shit or swallowing cum. I’m talking about SEX! You know that stuff that feels good to you too! I know WAY too many men not getting ass from their wives & this shit has got to stop!

 I know, I’m sure in your mind you have what you consider a “good reason”. I think you are full! Men need affection just like you..They need to feel loved, adored & sexy too! They need to feel like men & they.feel that way when you act like a woman! I know there are so many women with body issues. I get it. I was there many years ago when I was smaller than I am now. But the problem I have with that is only YOU can control how you view yourself. Only YOU can see your beauty when you look in a mirror. Only YOU can project that beauty onto the world. Men may be visual but confidence & sexiness can trump body flaws all day long! Trust me when I say that men could care less what size your pants are when you are deep throating his.cock. And sure semen isn’t the yummiest stuff on earth but swallow that shit cuz it turns him on.
You think your punani is always fresh? I got news for ya… IT ISNT! But he will be nose deep anyway cuz he likes to get you off!

 I know too many guys I would king in my castle who are completely unappreciated in their relationships. Its not right. Its disgusting!! I think if a woman withholds sex & the man continuously begs and she denies… then she deserves it when he cheats. I’m not.saying you should cheat but if you do I certainly don’t blame you. Look at it this way… if the wife has a job outside the house you hire a babysitter for the kids, when your husband can’t fix the fridge you call a repair man, when you can’t keep up on the housework you hire a maid… if you ain’t getting fucked … you hire a replacement.

I don’t a care if you agree with me.or not…. its my opinion so suck it! Muuuuuaaah!


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  1. K. Bellamy with a Purpose says:

    This had me laughing outloud. Thank you for that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Makaitah says:

      😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 my utmost pleasure. Lol


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