Dude, are u crying? (o_O)


How do you all feel about men crying? Personally, I feel that men are human (shut up, it’s true!) and I don’t *really* buy into that old-fashioned notion that men have to be stoic all the time. If they can’t let shit out occasionally, they snap. On the other hand, I don’t want my man blubbering like a baby every time a goddamn light bulb burns out.

“Don’t you all cry over sports movies like Rudy and Brian’s Song? Or at least, it’s “okay” for Dudes to cry if it’s sports-related emotion? My boyfriend doesn’t cry over fiction. I’ve seen him water-eyed over real stuff, like Combat Rescue, but that’s it. I can’t even watch that stuff, though. I can’t be in the room for that.
I don’t cry during chick flicks. All that soundtrack-manipulation just makes my asshole itch. The first movie I cried over was E.T. All that being said, though… if I see a man shed a tear over something real, I’m not going to assume he’s weak. Unless he’s crying over a Disney princess movie. In that case, I’m going to throw glitter on him and direct him to the nearest shoe sale. Group hug, Ladies. xoxoxo


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